CESD Frameworks

All the resources from cesd73.ca are here now in one place, easy to access!

Chinook’s Edge Frameworks

 Literacy Framework (Formerly Reading Framework)

The Reading Framework has been overhauled and now has the writing framework portion added to it.  The content is still undergoing revisions and updates, but you will find it easier to read now that it is on the hub! We also have Professional Learning Modules to accompany our framework.

Ed Tech Framework

Our Ed Tech Framework, which we unveiled in early 2019 will contain the content you need to feel comfortable with the technology outcomes you are teaching your students. While TAG is still working on finalizing the outcomes, there is a lot of information available on this site to assist you in your classroom. Whether you are experiencing challenges with your Chromebook, or you are seeking some new resources or ideas, this framework is the place to go!

SEL Framework

If you are looking for the Social-Emotional Framework and/or the instrument to assist you in drilling down to your student’s level of function on this rubric, this is the place for you!

Mathematics Framework

The Mathematics Framework is under construction through the Numeracy focus group. The beginnings of it are available for your viewing here.