CESD Websites

All the instructional resources from cesd73.ca are here in one place, easy to access!

Chinook’s Edge Websites


Information for mentors and mentees in Chinook's Edge School Division.

Indigenous Education

The resources Carolynne assembled for CESD teachers can be found here.


If you are involved in a PLC this year, your documents and resources remain in this PLC Site.


The site for Learning Support Teachers is here.

French Immersion

If you are looking for support in teaching French Immersion in CESD, Marie-Astrid has compiled a treasure trove of resources!

Essential outcomes

The CESD essential outcomes Google Site is here for your instructional reference.

Grading & Reporting (Middle/High)

The familiar Google Site regarding assessment  is here. (Elementary content coming soon.)


Information regarding English as a Second Language in Chinook's Edge is in this site.

Career Connections

All the resources of the old, familiar Career Connections website are right here!


Teaching CTF? The CESD Website to support teaching and learning of these challenges is here.

Old PLC Site

If you are looking for the old PLC Site, its days are numbered, but it can still be accessed here for a little bit longer.