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Multimedia resources and images that may be of assistance to you with planning your Remembrance Day events.

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Templates for your November and December newsletters, Christmas concerts, and other winter events!

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Christmas video intro (and outro) files to assist you with any video recordings you are publishing for the holiday season.

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We have many categories of clip art and lettering to make your creating for the holiday season easier!


Filing Cabinet

This is the place where you will find items that you might have in a filing cabinet. They don’t necessarily fit as part of one of the above resource websites, but they are important all the same.

The last thing we want is to have this turn into a website filled with clutter, so this is an effort to make these resources easily accessible, hopefully without creating a hodgepodge of confusion!

Assistive technology plays a key role in educating the twenty-first century learner. Our lending library of assistive technology, including ipads, is operated by our Student Services Consultants.  If you are working with a student who has an iPad issued by CESD, here is some information about the operations of these devices. 

If you feel like your ipad has a constant barrage of notifications that continually pop up, please take a peek at the above link as there are details regarding this to be found there.

If you have found an app or an extension that you wish to use in your classroom, there is a procedure for determining if it can be a good fit considering FOIP and pedagogical value. 

First, check this list to see if it has already been reviewed. The results of the review will let you know if it meets our criteria. If it is not on the list, then you’ll need to speak to your principal who will contact CESD Technology Services to intiate a review on the application, extension, or website you are seeking to use.

Attendance is so important to academics. Here are supporting documents and information for you regarding attendance.

Best Attendance practices for teachers

Attendance Supports in CESD

Attendance Process in CESD

An FYI Guide for Administrators in French Immersion Schools.